Hi and welcome to my personal (and PROFESSIONAL) blog.

Who are you and why shoud I read you?

My name is Enwongo Ettang, I am medical practitioner working in a rural hospital here in South Africa (though I was born in Jos, Nigeria). I am married to my wife Dorcas of over 8 years and we have 2 amazing children.

I help newly wed Christian couples successfully navigate the critical transition into marital life. I recognize that marriage is a challenging point for every individual and I hope that this blog can become a spot where newly wed Christian couples can meet and discuss and even advise each other.

I now write, blog, speak and encourage people. I am the host of a podcast titled THE UNIQUE LIFE & MARRIAGE PODCAST with the aim to help you find purpose and direction for your marriage, lead your family with confidence and improve the communication and understanding in your home.

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What do you write about?

I try to cover the range of issues relating to transitioning into marriage. I write about communication, forgiveness, Good parenting of young kids (0-7), bad parenting, fighting with your spouse, sex, interviews from newly weds and lessons learned from fighting with my wife.

My Top Posts of 2016

Is this just another "relationship blog" for married couples?

Hmmm, maybe. But if I can steer the conversation away from much of the "mushy" stuff and more on building a christian marriage, will you join in the discussion?

I am not sure I am your audience as I am not yet married but I hope to someday.

If you are thinking, worrying, or just pondering what it will be like when you do get married and you are concerned in "preventive therapy" than just "curative therapy", then this conversation is for you.

Do you really care what readers have to say or you are just going to talk about your life, your wife and your kids?

In two words, yes and no. Yes, I care deeply about what my readers have to say and what they think. If I didn't care I could just send all of this back and forth in an endless series of emails.

No, I am not just going to talk about my life, my wife and my kids. Nevertheless, I believe that the experiences I have had will help prevent you from making the same mistakes I also made.

I haven't gotten this whole marriage thing figured out and as such I am willing to hear and learn from you too.

If I write something for your blog will you publish it?

If I like it, yes! I would love to hear your thoughts on building a biblical marriage, your first year marriage experiences and it's challenges, dealing with in laws, recovering from infidelity, dealing with an abusive spouse (husband or wife).

Tell me what make you laugh or cry. If I think other readers will be interested in your piece, I will post you front and centre. If you just have a few thoughts on something you read, comments are always welcome too (as long as they are not mean and abusive).

If you want your name attached, great. If not that's fine too.

Do your kids and wife know that you are writing about them?

Yes they do. However any post that involves my wife, I get her permission to publish before I do.

Checking your blog every day could become a pain, or I might just forget.

Would you just email/facebook me things I might be interested in? [Give me your email], I will do the rest.