A Prayer App and Couples Devotional You Can Use This Month.

Welcome to another week and also to another short trial run episode of the Unique Life and Marriage Podcast.

And in this episode, I will be sharing two materials with you that I hope will be of value to you this year. The first one is a book and the other one is an app.

Last Month, my family and I went on a road trip. A few minutes into the trip my 4-year-old daughter (Elizabeth) asked: “Daddy are we there yet?” I smiled at her and said "no dear. We still have 5 more hours". 

Is 5 hours a long time? She asked. I responded by saying "yes dear" to which she replied “Oh men”, it is going to take a long time.

If you are a parent you can imagine how many times she asked that question “Are We There Yet?” especially when we passed through small towns along the way because it was a long journey.

marriage is a journey.png

Marriage is also like a long journey. And you see sometimes in long journeys, you need to stop to refill your gas, take a rest, buy some snacks and use the bathroom.

And during the trip, you may just see trees, and cows and cars and trees and cows and cars and trees and cows and cars and - well I hope you get the point - There is a repeat of events and routines and gradually your marriage gets buried under a daily routine.

Prayers are vital to the success of any Christian marriage. Actually,  it is one of the most vital elements of the Christian Life, and yet many of us including myself, confess that we are not as consistent in our prayer lives as we would want to be. 

That’s why I got an app that helped me to organise my prayer life and helped me become more consistent in praying.

Welcome to ECHO


The App is Called Echo. It is not just a prayer app but a prayer manager. Some of the features of the app include:

  • You can keep track of all your payers requests and even divide them into different groups.
  • You can set reminders to pray at certain times during the day.
  • It has a feature where you can mark prayer requests as being answered.
  • One of the newest features is the Group Feature - So lets say you have a small group like you and your spouse, or your discipleship group, or cell group - you can create a profile there and everyone in the group can input their prayer requests there and the request is synced across the phones of all the members of the group.

And guess what - this app is absolutely FREE and available on both iOS and Android platforms.

This year, my wife and I are starting to use this group feature.  Whenever we are apart, we can both schedule time to pray and we can both access each other's prayer requests on our devices.

I will be writing a full review of the app soon.

To download it, click on the link here.

Book: Devotions For A Sacred Marriage


As couples we are busy and our schedules could be different and all this depends on what season of your life or marriage. 

For some people, it might be difficult to pray together EVERY DAY. But what is important is that you COMMIT to pray with your spouse AT LEAST Once Weekly.

The Devotional is titled "Devotions For A Sacred Marriage" written by Gary L. Thomas.

The Chapters in the devotional are short to read but many of the readings are scripture based as they give couples a refreshing view and perspective on marriage. You can use the book jointly or separately.

There are many books on prayers for couples and this is just one of them. 

Please let me know in the comments section below, what devotional are you using with your spouse this year and what other devotional books can you recommend for reading with your spouse this month?

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Welcome to 2018

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What I learned from my 2017 blog reader survey

I want to thank everyone to that took the recent blog reader survey! I was thrilled to read all your responses. Thank you for taking your time to submit your opinions and suggestions and my hope is that in the future you will receive more encouragement, inspiration and resources as a result.

In 2014 I started blogging after reading a book by Michael Hyatt called – Platform, get noticed in a noisy word. It started as a hobby where I was just trying get my voice out there.

However, In middle of 2017, I registered my blog as a company here in South Africa as a Marriage Education Company under the name JEDE Media using acronyms from the names of my children, my wife and my myself.

Since starting my blog I have had 2 reader surveys (excluding the most recent one). In my personal opinion, the reader survey is one of the most useful ways for me to know how to serve you better as you give me useful and solid information.

Who are you?

One of my biggest challenges is knowing who exactly the readers of my blog, facebook and instagram posts are?

  • From the survey, my typical reader is a female (64%) between the ages of 25-34 (55%). The age range of 35-44 represents a large portion of my readers (36%) as well.
  • A 73% of my readers are married and 19% are single with 4% being engaged.
  • Majority of my readers have been married for 3-7 years (34%)
  • 96% of my readers have a job and earn a living.
  • Most readers have 2 children (23%).
  • While my blog is read by people around the world, majority of my readers reside in Nigeria, USA, South Africa, UK, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Canada, United Arab Emirates (in that order).
  • The top social media network that my readers use the most include Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram in that order.
  • All the respondents identified as Christians (100%).

What are you most interested in?

After knowing who my readers are, the next step is to identify what interests you the most and what areas I can be most helpful to you. Also I want to know what else you would want to see me add to my blog to make it even more valuable to you.

  • The top marriage topic readers would like me to discuss more is How to improve communication in marriage (50%) and Practical marriage tips (42%) followed by How to love your spouse better (41%).
  • Most of my readers do have good marriages but want it to be better. A few others are just looking for a Christian marriage perspective and some of you are just curious to see what’s here on my blog.

What I learned about how I can serve you even better

So, what is the meaning of all these numbers? What new thing is it teaching me? And most importantly, how can I serve you better based on all of these? Heres what Ive come up with.

  1. Keep focussing on Helping you improve communication in your marriages while delivering practical marriage tips to improve your marriage.
  2. Provide ways for you to hear from me more frequently.
  3. Continue to keep my christian faith in the content I share.
  4. Provide free & paid coaching packages for people who would want one-on-one assistance from me.
  5. Create an online course
  6. Collaborate with people to create material for single people as the content for married folks may not be of value to you now until you get married.

Good stuff is coming!

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Again, thank you for taking the survey!

3 Apps I Can't Live Without


I recently got a new Samsung phone. While I have never really owned an android device, I was quite excited about this one. I know some people close to me will be surprised why I left the iPhone for an android device... well that's another topic for another day.

Since my move to android, there have been a few apps that have become indispensable for doing my job, staying connected with my family and also entertaining me when I am bored.

Nevertheless, I wanted to share 3 of these apps with you. You may or may not find value in them. But they have become the bedrock of my workflows.


This has been my digital brain, my repository of everything digital. I have been using this app since August 2010. I have used it as my note pad, my idea vault. Not only can I take written notes, I can also record audio notes, handwritten notes and photo notes.

I can also use it to clip websites I am reading for future reference. Best of all it syncs across all my devices where the app is installed.

I have numerous templates and checklists that I can quickly pull up when I need to do those tasks such as...

  • My morning ritual
  • My travel checklist
  • My daily planner
  • My blog post writing checklist etc
  • My daily journal

2. 2Do

This has become my new task manager. I have used numerous task managers (I should probably call myself a task manager junkie) from apps like Wunderlist, Things, Todoist, Omnifocus, Remember the milk, ToDo etc. To be honest, Omnifocus was my number 1 task manager, however the absence of an android app made it difficult for me to continue using it. There is a third party app for omnifocus but it doesn't cut it.

With 2do, I am able to manage my personal life, my work, my platform and my schooling all from one interface. It also has an iOS and Mac app, so my tasks are pretty much synced across all my devices.

3. Whatsapp

Until recently I hated instant messengers because I found them really distracting but they have become so ubiquitous that they have become indispensable to my daily communication with my wife, my siblings, my parents, my high school and varsity community.

In my opinion, it has become one of the most popular tools for free texting and phone calls. In fact it has dwarfed my use of Skype which I do not remember the last time I used it. It has saved me on international calls and best of all, it is available on almost every smartphone around.

[BLOG POST] 10 ways to pray for your husband in 2017

Prayer Builds Stronger Marriages
— FierceMarriagecom

Recently I watched the movie "War Room" and the movie inspired me to pray for my marriage the more.

If you haven't watched it, it is a must see. I totally identified with the story line as it reminded me of my marriage crises and how prayers were very instrumental to the resuscitation and resurrection of my marriage.

Unlike Elizabeth (in the movie), I didn't have someone who came into my life at that time to teach me how to pray for my marriage and I didn't have a dedicated prayer closet.

But I had encouragement from my family and close friends, I had written prayer requests in my journaling app on my phone and sometimes in different jotters around the house and tried to pray for my marriage whenever I had the opportunity.

This blog post is dedicated to wives who want to prayer for their husbands in 2017 or who have been praying for their husbands.

GOD, help me realise that my prayers on his behalf are MORE EFFECTIVE than my words I could speak to him.
— Kathi Lipp

In this post, I want to share with you 10 ways to pray for your husband this month. These are not all the prayer requests every husband needs - but by starting with these 10, the intention is for you to:

  • Decide to undergo a 7 Day Prayer Challenge for your husband this month.
  • Cultivate the habit of praying for your husband regularly.

Okay here are 10 ways to pray for your husband in 2017.

  1. Pray that you husband will experience spiritual growth in his relationship with God and become more excited about the things of God.
  2. Pray that God will bless your husband and also prosper his work. [If he is not working, pray that God opens opportunity for him to get a job which he will love and experience fulfilment].
  3. Pray that God will make your husband to be the spiritual leader he is for your family
  4. Pray that God will guard your husband's heart and give him the power to resist sexual temptations. Pray that your husband will only have eyes for you.
  5. Pray that God will help your husband to love you deeply and God will put it in his heart to romance you encourage you, and build you up while supporting your dreams and aspirations.
  6. Pray that God will help your husband to have a heart for his children and sacrifice to spending quality time with them. Furthermore, he will be a Godly parent and become actively involved in training them (your children) to Love God.
  7. Pray for the physical health of your husband. That God will continue to strengthen him and keep him from sickness. 
  8. Pray that God will help your husband to be a wise steward of the family finances and also be a cheerful giver.
  9. Pray for your husband's friends, especially the male friends in his life, that they would build him up, encourage him and will not take him or his heart away from The Lord.
  10. Pray that your husband will enter the fullness of his calling and fulfil his God given PURPOSE.
No matter what we are going through as a couple or who started it - God’s first stop is my heart. He doesn’t begin by fixing my husband. He begins by healing and fixing me
— IntentionalToday.com

So that's it, 10 prayer requests you can pray for your husband this month

The next step for you to make now is.

  • Download the 7 day prayer guide for your husband which includes these prayer requested mentioned here in this post and 20 bible verses you can pray for your husband this month.
  • Join our New Facebook Community
  • Leave a comment in the comments section below. What other requests would you want to pray for husbands?

A Tribute to My son, on His 7th Birthday

Seven years ago today (January 28, 2010), Dorcas and I had the wonderful joy and opportunity of receiving a gift of God to us in the form of a baby boy.

We lived in Durban, South Africa at the time. My mother in law and my mother were available to welcome the first grandchild on both sides of the family.

We got up early for a routine antenatal follow up with our Gynaecologist only to experience reduced fetal movements which subsequently resulted in a C-section and welcomed Jeremiah that afternoon.

It's difficult to believe that 7 years has passed so quickly. I want to use this opportunity with a few lines on my blog to say JEREMIAH: I LOVE YOU AND I'M A PROUD DAD.

One of the things which i'm most grateful to God is that I had the privilege of watching him make a decision for Christ at a very early age of 5 years at Durban Christian Center. I am even more grateful that after we relocated to Kokstad and you went through home school with my wife, I was able to watch him grow, learn like never before and grow in the the smart and intelligent young boy he is today.

I was grateful to God to be involved in shaping his worldview during the period of home school.

I am very please that my son always want to learn (and he does a great job doing it). But the way he asks questions and questions assumptions. The world is filled with a lot of "filthy knowledge" that isn't well founded.

Jeremiah is a boy of faith. He loves to read his bible and learn memory verses and every ready to correct his younger sister Elizabeth. His insight to things of the scriptures is deep and sometime startles me when I remember that he is just 7.

I am convinced that he will "grow in wisdom, in knowledge in stature and in favour with God and man."

My prayer is that I will lead him spiritually, I will inspire him towards hard work and above all, I will be a good role model for him.

Happy Birthday my Son. I'm proud of you.