Divorce Proof Your Marriage Through Grace and Forgiveness

In many marriages, the differences between each other become apparent when you start living with and sharing your life with your spouse. Why is this so?

It's because each one of us brings our unique personalities into the marriage. But not only that, each of us bring our own selfish nature into it too. What then ensues is episodes of frustration, differences in opinions which then lead to disagreements. 

This is almost inevitable, nevertheless, the way we handle these issues will not only influence our character but the whole integrity of our marriage.

Genuine forgiveness is what is needed to thrive in your marriage. When two people who live with each other day after day, occasionally stumble over each other, they are bound to cause pain to each other. Sometimes by accident, and sometimes intentionally. 

This is where the issue of forgiveness is really needed - to cleanse the marriage from these hurts, to prevent hatred, resentment, condemnation, harsh and insensitive comments, continual blames of our partners. A marriage where forgiveness does not abound, PAIN is inevitable.

“Click To Tweet” - A marriage where forgiveness does not abound, PAIN is inevitable.

Forgiveness in marriage is only of value if the focus of the forgiveness is on the hurt or the ill done to you than on the person (or personality) of the cause of the hurt. In my previous post on forgiveness - I encourage people to forgive their spouses for the specific thing(s) they have done or for specific acts of wrong.

Is forgiveness easy? NO. The truth is that it is God’s forgiveness of us that empowers us to be able to forgive others. So when you forgive your partner, what you are actually doing is showing your partner God’s love to him or her through you. But this requires God’s grace.

I believe that one of the keys to an intimate and successful marriage is built on the foundation of grace and forgiveness. 

Decide to forgive your spouse this week.

Alright, have a great weekend ahead.

Enwongo Ettang