The Tools I Use To Run My Blog

As part of my 30 day blogging challenge, I have decided to share with you the tools that I use to run my blog.

Many of you have asked me either via email, chat or social media - what tools I use to run blog.


Truth is that there are many tools, systems and workflows out there. The mistake I made initially was wasting time tinkering with apps, trying out different workflows and never sticking to one.

Well, here is a peak into my current tool box.

Blogging Software


Most professional bloggers recommend and they are probably right about it. I used for 2 years and used bluehost based on the recommendation of Michael Hyatt (you can check out his video on that).

But I personally experienced a major setback where I had a malware attack on my site and lost all my blog posts etc.

I received poor customer support from bluehost at that time. This pushed me to look for alternatives and I decided to just move away from Wordpress to SquareSpace.

SquareSpace comes with beautiful templates; It makes your website mobile responsive; it is easy to manage your site above all, you et 24/7 support from their support team who also manage updates for you.

Email Software (or email distributor)


I use Convertkit for my email distribution for the subscribers to my blog. I use it to send my weekly newsletters and short email courses (which they call sequences).

If you’ve been a part of our 7 day marriage challenge course, it is ConvertKit that made it possible. ConvertKit is relatively new to the email provider scene. It was Built by bloggers, for bloggers. I switched to their service (from MailChimp & Getresponse) and am incredibly pleased with it. Their plans begin at $29/month for unlimited emails.

Nevertheless, Click here to read why I chose ConvertKit.

Photos and Images Galleries

Every blog post requires a visual image and it is more important in this age of intellectual property not to use someone’s property without permission or properly attributing it. I currently use Adobe Stock photos. But there are other free ones out there like unsplash.

Graphic Design:


Canva makes bloggers like me also look like professional designers. It is really an amazing tool for editing images for my social media posts. I use Canva for most of the images on my blog. What I love is the fact that I can create reusable templates. And the best part - it's free.

Video and Screen Recording Tools

Jing — This free and simple way to start sharing images and short videos of your computer screen

ScreenFlow — This is screen recording and editing software for Mac. I haven’t started using it in full but I will be using to create video presentations for my upcoming online course.

Custom Email Sign Up Tools

Sumome — This is a free application that you can use for growing your traffic. They do have a pro version but if you just need something to enable you collect emails from your growing your traffic, then sumome is where to start.

LeadPages — This is one of the easiest way to create mobile friendly landing pages. This has quite a steep price point. I use it from time to time when I need to run a short campaign.

Writing Application


If you are like me, you may have been jumping from one writing app to another believing that the app is what will make you a better writer, I have come to realise even though the apps used are very important, the discipline to actually write is what is MOST important.

Currently I use Scrivener for most of my major writings. It is one of the best writing applications out there for writing books and every form of long writing. It is available on Mac and Windows.


This is a text editor and it does it’s work well - Text editing. I occasionally use it to write short text as normal text or in Markdown. This was my blog writer of choice because of it’s multi-platform nature (Mac & IOS) but since Scrivener launched it’s iOS version, I have moved MOST of my writing there.

Note Taking Software


This is my digital brain. Every idea, thought, research material I have goes in there. This has been my most important writing companion for the past 4 years. There is the free version and the paid version.

Editorial Calendar


This is my current Editorial Calendar. I previously used Coschedule because of their integration/wordpress plugin. Trello is not built as an editorial calendar, but after watching this Youtube Video, I have been able to use it as my editorial calendar.

Blogging Hardware

I have two blogging hardware devices

  • Ipad Air 2. I am currently writing this blog post on it. I have an external keyboard which complements my iPad.
  • MacBook Pro - This is a 15inch 2015 Macbook pro. It has a small memory (250Gig) - just twice the size of my iPad. Thanks to online cloud storage, It is sufficient for my needs.
**QUESTION: What apps or tools do you use for your blog?**
Enwongo Ettang