[Announcement]: 2000+ Facebook likes

This week my Facebook Page crossed over the 2,000 Like mark. When it happened, I started receiving text messages from my friends. They were pumped!

But why?

Why would my friends care that I crossed over 2,000 Likes? Why does it matter? In a world of social media, is it really a big deal to get 2,000 people to hit a button on their phone?

If you think about it, 2K is a small number compared to some of the pages that have millions of likes.

So, is it a big deal?

YES - It is a huge deal. It's massive. And, I'll share with you why:

FIRST: It was a goal that I set for 2016. It's important to finish goals.

SECONDLY: Each one of those Likes represents an individual or a couple that I get to help.

That's what makes 2,000 so special. I am in the business of helping newlyweds Christian couples improve their marriages. So, 2,000 like-minded people is a huge number in one place (Just like in this group).

LASTLY: It helps me with Platform Growth. I have subscribers in my email list (which in my opinion is more important than the Facebook likes) that found me on my Facebook page. If it wasn't for Facebook, I might never have gotten them on my list. Facebook allowed me to find them, and help them.

Which leads me to:


Seth Godin says that you only really need 1,000 fans that love you (he calls them your "tribe") to have an amazing business. Getting to your first 1,000 fans represents a momentum with your tribe.

It means that they see you, and you can now speak to them more often.

If you haven't got your first 1,000 fans; then get started. Set up a page, and invite your clients to like the page. If you are new to Facebook, you are going to make some mistakes. You may oversell when you should be building value. You may go long stretches of time saying nothing, only to say too much at other times.

There is more to be learned in making mistakes, than doing nothing. Get started. It will be great for your team, your company, and your clients.

If you have a page, then send me a link! I'll like it.

Thank you for all the LIKES!

Sincerely yours,

Enwongo Ettang

PS. Now how do I get all these people into my email list?🤔

Enwongo Ettang