What I learned from my 2017 blog reader survey

I want to thank everyone to that took the recent blog reader survey! I was thrilled to read all your responses. Thank you for taking your time to submit your opinions and suggestions and my hope is that in the future you will receive more encouragement, inspiration and resources as a result.

In 2014 I started blogging after reading a book by Michael Hyatt called – Platform, get noticed in a noisy word. It started as a hobby where I was just trying get my voice out there.

However, In middle of 2017, I registered my blog as a company here in South Africa as a Marriage Education Company under the name JEDE Media using acronyms from the names of my children, my wife and my myself.

Since starting my blog I have had 2 reader surveys (excluding the most recent one). In my personal opinion, the reader survey is one of the most useful ways for me to know how to serve you better as you give me useful and solid information.

Who are you?

One of my biggest challenges is knowing who exactly the readers of my blog, facebook and instagram posts are?

  • From the survey, my typical reader is a female (64%) between the ages of 25-34 (55%). The age range of 35-44 represents a large portion of my readers (36%) as well.
  • A 73% of my readers are married and 19% are single with 4% being engaged.
  • Majority of my readers have been married for 3-7 years (34%)
  • 96% of my readers have a job and earn a living.
  • Most readers have 2 children (23%).
  • While my blog is read by people around the world, majority of my readers reside in Nigeria, USA, South Africa, UK, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Canada, United Arab Emirates (in that order).
  • The top social media network that my readers use the most include Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram in that order.
  • All the respondents identified as Christians (100%).

What are you most interested in?

After knowing who my readers are, the next step is to identify what interests you the most and what areas I can be most helpful to you. Also I want to know what else you would want to see me add to my blog to make it even more valuable to you.

  • The top marriage topic readers would like me to discuss more is How to improve communication in marriage (50%) and Practical marriage tips (42%) followed by How to love your spouse better (41%).
  • Most of my readers do have good marriages but want it to be better. A few others are just looking for a Christian marriage perspective and some of you are just curious to see what’s here on my blog.

What I learned about how I can serve you even better

So, what is the meaning of all these numbers? What new thing is it teaching me? And most importantly, how can I serve you better based on all of these? Heres what Ive come up with.

  1. Keep focussing on Helping you improve communication in your marriages while delivering practical marriage tips to improve your marriage.
  2. Provide ways for you to hear from me more frequently.
  3. Continue to keep my christian faith in the content I share.
  4. Provide free & paid coaching packages for people who would want one-on-one assistance from me.
  5. Create an online course
  6. Collaborate with people to create material for single people as the content for married folks may not be of value to you now until you get married.

Good stuff is coming!

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Again, thank you for taking the survey!

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