3 Apps I Can't Live Without


I recently got a new Samsung phone. While I have never really owned an android device, I was quite excited about this one. I know some people close to me will be surprised why I left the iPhone for an android device... well that's another topic for another day.

Since my move to android, there have been a few apps that have become indispensable for doing my job, staying connected with my family and also entertaining me when I am bored.

Nevertheless, I wanted to share 3 of these apps with you. You may or may not find value in them. But they have become the bedrock of my workflows.


This has been my digital brain, my repository of everything digital. I have been using this app since August 2010. I have used it as my note pad, my idea vault. Not only can I take written notes, I can also record audio notes, handwritten notes and photo notes.

I can also use it to clip websites I am reading for future reference. Best of all it syncs across all my devices where the app is installed.

I have numerous templates and checklists that I can quickly pull up when I need to do those tasks such as...

  • My morning ritual
  • My travel checklist
  • My daily planner
  • My blog post writing checklist etc
  • My daily journal

2. 2Do

This has become my new task manager. I have used numerous task managers (I should probably call myself a task manager junkie) from apps like Wunderlist, Things, Todoist, Omnifocus, Remember the milk, ToDo etc. To be honest, Omnifocus was my number 1 task manager, however the absence of an android app made it difficult for me to continue using it. There is a third party app for omnifocus but it doesn't cut it.

With 2do, I am able to manage my personal life, my work, my platform and my schooling all from one interface. It also has an iOS and Mac app, so my tasks are pretty much synced across all my devices.

3. Whatsapp

Until recently I hated instant messengers because I found them really distracting but they have become so ubiquitous that they have become indispensable to my daily communication with my wife, my siblings, my parents, my high school and varsity community.

In my opinion, it has become one of the most popular tools for free texting and phone calls. In fact it has dwarfed my use of Skype which I do not remember the last time I used it. It has saved me on international calls and best of all, it is available on almost every smartphone around.

Enwongo Ettang