30 Day Blogging Challenge

I have had this blog for almost 2 years now and I have not seemed to create traction. As a result, TODAY I am starting a 30 day blog challenge - Yes. Write a blog post for 30 days. I have never done anything like this before and I do not know what the outcome will be.

Even so, I am committed to writing every day for 30 days.


I want to get the blogging groove back again.

I have not been blogging as often as I need to. I have had several excuses such as work, the children, the weather, not liking my writing app etc. These are all just excuses. I need to get back to the blogging groove and build the habit over time.

I want to provide value for my readers and subscribers

There are many subscribers to my blog. At my last count there were almost 600+ subscribers and they are waiting for me to create value for them. I hope that during this challenge, I will create actionable material that provide value to the readers. Beyond adding value, I want you to experience a transformation in your relationship.

I want to improve my writing skills

There is this phrase we used a lot in medical school - "disuse atrophy". Which implies that what you do not use often will become atrophied. To prevent this, I want to be intentional about improving my diction, the flow of my thoughts and finally my creativity.

To be accountable

Accountability is great. I need to be accountable to my community of readers and writers. Accountability will build in me a strong motivation to achieve. It will also accelerates my performance. It will help keep me engaged with you and finally it will give me an opportunity to validate my ideas.

Improve my creativity

Through this process of writing, I want to use my experiences and my environment to improve my creativity as I create value.

Increase traffic to my blog

Who doesn't like traffic? I do because it exposes my blog to people I can influence and add value to. My hope is that during these 30 days I would have increased my blog traffic.

Build a community

Finally I want to build a community of highly motivated Christian couples that are ready to improve their marriages.

QUESTION: What issues would you want me write about during this blog challenge? Write in the comments section below.

Enwongo Ettang