A Tribute to My son, on His 7th Birthday

Seven years ago today (January 28, 2010), Dorcas and I had the wonderful joy and opportunity of receiving a gift of God to us in the form of a baby boy.

We lived in Durban, South Africa at the time. My mother in law and my mother were available to welcome the first grandchild on both sides of the family.

We got up early for a routine antenatal follow up with our Gynaecologist only to experience reduced fetal movements which subsequently resulted in a C-section and welcomed Jeremiah that afternoon.

It's difficult to believe that 7 years has passed so quickly. I want to use this opportunity with a few lines on my blog to say JEREMIAH: I LOVE YOU AND I'M A PROUD DAD.

One of the things which i'm most grateful to God is that I had the privilege of watching him make a decision for Christ at a very early age of 5 years at Durban Christian Center. I am even more grateful that after we relocated to Kokstad and you went through home school with my wife, I was able to watch him grow, learn like never before and grow in the the smart and intelligent young boy he is today.

I was grateful to God to be involved in shaping his worldview during the period of home school.

I am very please that my son always want to learn (and he does a great job doing it). But the way he asks questions and questions assumptions. The world is filled with a lot of "filthy knowledge" that isn't well founded.

Jeremiah is a boy of faith. He loves to read his bible and learn memory verses and every ready to correct his younger sister Elizabeth. His insight to things of the scriptures is deep and sometime startles me when I remember that he is just 7.

I am convinced that he will "grow in wisdom, in knowledge in stature and in favour with God and man."

My prayer is that I will lead him spiritually, I will inspire him towards hard work and above all, I will be a good role model for him.

Happy Birthday my Son. I'm proud of you.

Enwongo Ettang