Dear Pornography,

I have been meaning to write this letter to you for a few years now but I haven’t been able to put my self together to writing this letter.


One of the reasons for my delay in writing this letter to you was due to fear of exposure of our previous relationship and the shame and guilt associated with it.

However in recent times I have gotten to the point that If I don’t name and shame you - I will still leave in fear that you will come back to hunt me one day.

First of all, I want to start by letting you know that “It’s OVER!!!” Yes, it is finally over.

When we started our friendship in high school you told me that it was just a fling and it will just be for a while.

You promised me that when I got married, I wouldn’t need you any more. Unfortunately, when I got married, I found out that you were not truthful about your earlier intentions. You followed me into my matrimonial home.

You lied to me and I believed that it was just a thing between the two of us. You were not honest with me that my mind would be damaged, that my perception of women would be different.

You succeeded in creating a quiet addiction in me and connected me to your new dealer. This unsuspecting dealer who is always with me, in my pocket and on demand to supply when the cravings kicked in. My mobile phone.

I have read about how you have destroyed the lives of boys, girls, men, women, singles, married people and ministers of the gospel and all this while you were assuring me that no one will get hurt.

Now I realise that you never loved me. You wanted everything from me, my eyes, my mind, my heart, my soul and my destiny. WOW… How could I have been so ignorant and naive?

The memories I associate with you are Guilt, Shame, Regret, and Remorse.

I am happy I decided that enough was enough.

Now I can see you for who you really are. Our relationship had been built on lies.

You have not and you will NEVER be my friend.

Guess what, I now have amazing friend. His name is JESUS.

With as much dislike and hatred,
your old friend Enwongo.

Enwongo Ettang