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3 Valuable Life Lessons I Learnt On Fathers Day 2016

I would like to share with you 3 Valuable Life Lessons I learnt on Fathers Day 2016.

First of all, Did you have a good Father’s Day? Dorcas (my wife) and I celebrated it with the kids that fathers day weekend. We went out to lunch and then to a movie together. We don’t usually have movie dates at a theater, so it’s always a big deal when it happens! We watched a funny movie and laughed until we cried… which is always cathartic!

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[Part 2] 7 Powerful and Practical Marriage Lessons in 7 Years


"Emeka and Chisom have been married for 4 years. Emeka reports that Chisom is accusing him of having an affair with a woman from work and at a certain time threatened to leave him or end the relationship.
He (Emeka) claims that it’s not true. He admitted that before he met his wife, he had dated this woman, but he never told her because she did not ask. He also did not see the relevance of bringing the past into his current relationship. But Chisom somehow found out.
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