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Enwongo here. I hate getting emails from people who I don’t feel like I know. So guess what, lets fix that.

More so, there is nothing worse than a stranger hitting up your inbox.

Listen, information alone cannot help you succeed with your marriage.


Well, there is far too much of it. So apart from getting information, you need to be able to get that information from a reliable source.

In other words… Someone you trust!

What I discovered when I starting blogging was that I would get on someone’s email list, then 5 or 6 mails later, i’d usually end up unsubscribing because there was no rapport or trust and I felt I was purely a number. I started to ask myself the following questions:

Who was the person on the other end?

What did they stand for, and what are they against?

What is their story?

I just wanted to let you know a bit about me so that you know you are not just working with a machine but someone who has walked the walk in all aspects.

My name is Enwongo Ettang, I am a medical doctor and I am married to my lovely wife Dorcas and we have two children (Jeremiah and Elizabeth) living here in South Africa. We have been married for about 9 years. I spend most of my time playing Legos, Superman and Cars on Xbox.

 That's a picture of me and my beautiful bride of 9 years (and counting), and our kids.

In my early and somewhat naive days like many of you I thought that marriage was as it looked like on the “Cosby Show” or great sitcoms on TV. Man loves wife, Wife loves man and they live happily ever after. 

However, as I got older and grew in my marriage, I realised that all couples fight, many couples have problems regarding communication, sex, building trust, infidelity, pornography addiction, forgiving your spouse, anger, financial issues, in-laws, disorganised spouses, lousy husbands etc.

I personally suffered from pornography addiction. It started while I was in high school and extended into my marriage. It was something I was both ashamed of and at the same time I felt trapped and enslaved by it until God healed me of this.

I am not sure you can relate to this BUT I remember taking nearly every possible opportunity to overcome these challenges including praying, discussing with other married people, attending marriage courses, and searching on “google”.

So, I truly sympathise with everybody in a similar position. I have been there and it is not a nice place to be, but don’t despair, be positive and my prayer is that this blog will help you succeed in BUILDING YOUR MARRIAGE and FULFILlING GOD’S PURPOSE.

I finally decided that I needed to do something to break free from this road to DIVORCE and ruin, and it was purely by prayers and through God’s favour that I came across an inspirational person and some other websites and stories of other couples and Intentionally spending time in the word that inspired me to create this site. Doing this has changed my life and it can do exactly the same for YOU.

When I look back at my marriage before and were it is heading to now I am confident that the God who saved my marriage from DIVORCE can do the same for you.

Here’s to your success.

Enwongo Ettang

Enwongo Ettang