What I am doing now?


I am back at work seeing patients in the emergency setting and out patient deprtment. Primary health has ways been my most rewarding form practice


As a masters student in Family and Rural Medicine, I am in the process of preparing for my exams early next year while at the moment, I am working on my research protocol.

Health and Fitness

I recently picked up an Apple Watch which helps me to more conscious about my exercise and sleep schedules. As a result of my recent trip to, my gym sessions has reduced. I try to make time to walk for about 30 minutes as my schedule permits me.


I have taken a long hiatus from blogging due to my recent crazy schedules but I intend to be intentional starting from this month to make 1 blog post and 1 social media post per week. I need to first start with a blogging schedule.


I have been intentional in my reading in the past few months and have upped the game after I joined a reading club.

Currently I am Reading

  • The Influential Mind by Tali Sharot

Updated 01 February 2019